From Saturday 16 January 2021, alcohol consumption in public outdoor areas was banned in all Level 4 areas of Scotland, which applies to the whole country except some islands.

Make no mistake, this will be nationwide if people do not resist in all parts of the U.K.

This website seeks to fight for the freedom for citizens to socialise and drink responsibly in any environment, and to list places where it is both safe and desirable to do so.

We do not condone drunken behaviour.

Those who are drunk and anti-social in public deserve to have their right to drink outdoors removed in the same way that they would if doing so in licensed premises. If this means that those who enjoy a drink should hold a license to do so, then so be it.

If publicans must have a license to server alcohol, why shouldn’t the people who drink it also prove that they are fit to drink responsibly? You lose your license – you lose your right to consume alcohol in public places.

There is also a point to be made that the COVID-19 pandemic has awakened many to the fact that you do not need to pay pub prices when you can drink for a fraction of the price if you drink outside. Many are asking “what are we actually paying for?”. Unless your local pub is a hotbed of goodwill and great prices, the chances are you are being robbed by the avaricious licensees.

Consider where you would prefer to have a drink and relax